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Covid - 19. Keeping You Safe

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

During these challenging times it's important that everyone feels safe and that precautions are put into place in order to maximize client and staff safety. Listed below are some of the measures that First Choice Therapy are completing to reduce infection rates and keep clients safe.


Face Masks

Face masks will be worn by the therapist throughout the day when treating clients and during interaction with clients. Face masks are not mandatory for clients but it's advised that one is worn upon arrival and during treatment.


The therapist will be cleaning both the treatment room and reception throughout the day with antibacterial cleaner. After every treatment the bed will be cleaned along with any rehabilitation equipment that was used during the session.

Treatment accessories

During this time we are unable to offer couch accessories to our clients due to the potential contamination. Towels will be replaced by couch roll and discarded at the end of the treatment. If you wish to bring your own towel you're more than welcome.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer will be made available to clients both before and after the treatment session. The therapist will constantly ensure that sanitizer is used throughout the day by both clients and staff.


Clients will be encouraged to pay via contactless or invoice where possible. Cash payment will still be accepted if the client is unable to pay via contact free methods.


Clients are encouraged to enter the clinic at the correct time minimizing the chance of of further contact with other clients. Arriving on time will also allow the staff to complete the efficient cleaning of the premises.

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