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New Therapist - Rosie Knight

First Choice Therapy is delighted to announce that Rosie will be starting on Wednesday, July the 6th. Rosie will be in the clinic all day Wednesday and she will also be working alternate Sunday mornings in order to expand our availability to clients. From the 6th of July to the 3rd of August we will be running a 50% discount on all of her sessions!

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About Rosie

Rosie has recently finished her studies at the University of Chichester and had been completing her placement at Ospreys rugby club in which she's gained various clinical and pitchside skills. Rosie has both clinical and pitchside experience in therapy and is looking forward to working with private clients within a clinical setting. 

Rosie has experience at Havant rugby club, Stedham football club and has also volunteered at the Bournemouth 7's festival. You can now book appointments with Rosie by clicking HERE

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