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Lower Back - Introduction 

Day 1 


I'm Lewis, the owner and therapist at First Choice Therapy. Firstly, thank you for purchasing the lower back pain plan. This online program will equip you with various methods and tools to help reduce back pain, increase mobility and reduce injury re-occurrence.


Throughout this online program, you will be taught various methods and techniques that you can implement into your daily exercise regime in order to stay pain-free and stop lower back pain from getting in the way of day to day tasks. 

Physical Therapist

Why do we get back pain?

Learn more about why back pain occurs and the factors that contribute to it. 

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Distance Learning

What will this program involve?

Get an insight into what this program will cover and how it will help you. 

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Lets Get Started 

A Bit Of Context

Lower back pain affects around 80% of the Uk population at some point in their life meaning it's one of the most common complaints within the public. It's become the norm that people will now live with their back pain and not seek the help of a medical professional, resulting in a decrease in quality of life and an inability to complete some day-to-day tasks. Using an evidence-based approach I've created this program to help educate and guide you back to full fitness in the comfort of your own home.    

When Will My Back Feel Better?

Getting you back to full health 

Lower back pain is different for everyone, leading to a variety of symptoms and presentations within individual cases. Recovery times will vary dependent on factors such as severity, irritability and nature of the lower back pain your experiencing. This online resource will help personalise your needs making everyone's rehabilitation different and more effective.  

Following this program will give you an in-depth insight into home rehabilitation and how it can help you achieve your goals. With an easy to follow step by step approach, your back pain can be reduced significantly.  


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