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Remaining Open Through Lockdown

First Choice Therapy and many other health professionals are able to remain open during this time to both help patients that require therapy services and also reduce the number of people using NHS services during this challenging time.

As currently there is a lot of confusion regarding what can remain open and what must shut I have written this short article to add some clarity to the situation. Qualified sports therapist / Physiotherapists / Chiropractors must follow both government guidelines and the society guidelines that they are associated with.

As a sports therapist, the guidelines are as follows….

“Members can continue to practice where they are providing essential therapy services for the relief of pain and acute symptoms that may be detrimental to the quality of life, or in order to prevent disability. This does not include non-essential treatments or those that are provided for maintenance, or detailed as ‘close contact services’, such as remedial or sports massage. However, where soft tissue therapy is indicated within the aforementioned essential criteria, it can be applied.”

When booking with First Choice Therapy patients will be presented with a consultation form with Covid guidelines and will be asked if they are currently / have suffered from pain regarding the problem area. If when booking you are unsure whether your treatment is essential or non-essential I advise that contact is made with the clinic so a decision can be made regarding the best options for treatment.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions/enquiries regarding bookings - Lewis

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